Main | Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fantasy #10

You arrive to find my door unlocked.

You enter my apartment and see the furniture piled up in the corner, the carpet rolled back.

'The Littlest Rebel' is being projected onto the wall, opposite a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

I am tap-dancing in the middle of the room. I am nude.

Luckily, your own tap shoes are in your bag. You strip down and join me.

We hold hands as we dance, facing the mirror and watching the movie behind us, copying every move.

I am Shirley Temple, you are Bojangles.

Our cocks flop comically.

You impress with a sexy Paddle & Roll. I counter with an electric Shim Sham Shimmy.

There is a pounding at the door. It's the building superintendent with two cops.

They have tap shoes.

They are nude.


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