Main | Monday, March 14, 2005

The Diarist Awards

Faithful readers: A couple of days ago, I got a nice email from the lovely folks over at Diarist.Net, letting me know that I was a finalist in their quarterly essay awards.

Even more surprising is that I'm actually a finalist in their Most Romantic Entry category for my holiday story "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Lesbians".

Considering that just in the last couple of weeks I've touched on fisting, scat, cannibalism and abortion, "Most Romantic" is an interesting place to find myself, no?

Please take the time to visit the other finalists and say something kind if you are so inclined. Unlike other blog contests, voting is limited to fellow bloggers. Additionally, you may only vote once. I found some great writers that are new to me, I'm sure you will too.

We now return you to Joe.My.God. which is always in progress.

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