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Joe Is So Getting Laid Tonight

The emcee of last night's WYSIWYG, the luscious Chris Hampton, introduced each of the performers by reading a Googlism, which is the result delivered when typing someone's name into Google, as in "Joe is....". The best one she got for me was "Joe is...SO getting laid tonight."

And while that didn't come true, I had an amazing time at WYSIWYG! All the performers did a great job and the show ran like clockwork, thanks to Chris, Andy and Sparky. The show was taped by tv editing whiz Rich Calarco, BIG thanks to Rich! The show was sold out and I hope none of my people didn't get in.

My people. Heh.

Big thanks to all the fellow bloggers and friends that came out to support me: Aaron, Chris, Davis, Erik, Steve, Daniel and Ken!

Bear hugs to Eddie for coming all the way from Philly, and being a good sport and letting me call him out from the stage.

A special treat was a visit from none other than Miss Curly McDimple. Curly brought a couple of her own blogging buddies, hello ladies!

As for my bit, I think I fidgeted with my new glasses too much, they kept sliding down my nose. But I did a better job making eye contact with the audience than I did at BlogJam, and I got laughs in all the places I hoped I would (and a few where I didn't expect any!).

I could get used to this.

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