Main | Friday, March 18, 2005

Marketing Talk With Mike And Joe

MIKE: Hey did you see the S Train this morning? It's all covered in ads for that HBO show, Deadwood.

: Yeah, I saw that. It looks pretty cool with all the seats and walls covered, I wonder how they did that.

MIKE: It's some kind of wrap, I guess. The Times Square station has all the poles wrapped entirely too.

JOE: Yuck, I thought that hack Christo left town! Oh, did you see that the U.S. Army is putting ads on the race cars in NASCAR races now?

: You're kidding.

: Nope, they're out there glamorizing war, getting all those teenage boys excited watching fast cars and every time one zips past the camera, POP, you get a subliminal message to join the army.

MIKE: I don't know about that. I watch NASCAR and I've never felt the urge to buy Valvoline.

: As far as you know. Maybe you just haven't been in a stores that sells valvos, or whatever Valvoline is for. It sounds like something to grease up your heart.

: Well, I will say that the Levitra car last week, did kinda make me horny.

JOE: Dude, potato chips make you horny.

MIKE: True.

JOE: I think if the Army can put ads on race cars, then they should sell space on THEIR vehicles.

MIKE: Ooh, right, a big ole tank rolling through downtown Baghdad with the Nike swoop on it!

: "Just Killed 'Em!"

MIKE: Maybe they should start branding the body bags.

: And put Halliburton on them.

MIKE: No shit. Or maybe brand the prosthetic limbs these poor kids are coming home with.

: And put oil company logos on them.

: Actually, no. That's not fair. These guys just lost their arm or leg, let them have some bling.

JOE: Like a Prada arm? A Louis Vitton leg? A signature Beyonce' hand?

MIKE: Oh, absolutely. And then, the after-market companies would start coming out with the different wraps and covers, ya know "Wrap your limb with a personal skin!"

JOE: You could get Hello Kitty or Spider-Man!

: And you know those things would be bootlegged in 10 seconds, and you could go down to Chinatown and get a fake one.

JOE: A fake, fake arm?

MIKE: And then the feds would bust them for counterfeiting and we'd see a news story with the Army crushing a bunch of counterfeit blinged-out arms and legs under a steamroller.

: Oh no! They'd donate them to a public hospital and then only the people without insurance would have to wear the cheap-ass fake shit.

MIKE: Ya know....fuck The Man!

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