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Who Said That?

Faithful readers,

This morning I received my first ever comment spam. A lady named "Mary" simultaneously offered us the chance to enlarge both our penises AND our breasts.

Clearly, Mary is a regular reader of Joe.My.God.

Following Mary was an anonymous commenter who made his familiar hit-n-run jab at my writing style. Which is fine, I welcome all feedback, blah blah blah. But I do insist on knowing who is talking to me in these situations.

For these reasons I've disabled anonymous commenting for the time being. I apologize to those who regularly leave "anonymous" comments, yet identify themselves in the text of their comment.

I've often considered the point of enabling comments at all. I never know if it's just a shamelessly transparent vehicle for continuous validation, an effective means of judging what works and what doesn't, or a simple way to engender a sense of community among my readers. Probably a little of all three, of course. But still I wonder if it's no small coincidence that some of the writers I admire most do not allow comments.

I'll be moving all of y'all over to sometime in the next few weeks. There'll be a few more bells and whistles over there, including a better comment interface, but the look will be familiar overall. If anyone has any suggestions for additions to the new site, I'm receptive.

In the meantime, you non-Blogspotters can register with Blogger in less than 60 seconds and have a handy user name for shout-outs and bitches.

Ah persheyate it, y'all.

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