Main | Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We Killed, Y'all

Three words: Best. WYSIWYG. Ever.

A packed house, sold-out even. Chris Hampton performed her emcee duties with her usual panache, Dan Rhatigan played cub photographer, and Andy Horwitz delivered an inspired stump speech supporting his NYC mayoral campaign.

Big thanks to Andy, Chris and Sparky for having me back! It was a complete honor to share the stage with Joel, Hanne, Bradford, Matt, Dan, Emily and Jane. Everybody was so good, y'all. Seriously hilarious, I haven't laughed that hard since I don't know when.

And big ups to my peeps (gawd, that is so sickening to hear coming from a middle-aged white guy!) for showing up and showing me some love. Thanks to Davis, Chris, Eddie, Captain Steve, and kisses to the trio of lovely blogger babes in the balcony: Amanda, Curly, and Jess.

It's laughable to consider now, but I was actually a little worried that my own performance might be a little too obscene, but oh lordy, was I ever kidding myself. My fears evaporated as the female performers related tales of hot girl-on-girl fisting, first time dildo use and the epicurean delight of eating snatch. They made us boys seem almost precious with our own stories of high school proms, knitting, and Michael Jackson. At least I was the dirtiest boy. As usual.

After the show the audience and the perfomers moved in one large group over to the Phoenix for some boozing and schmoozing. At some point, we collected a charming little handsome Canadian/Australian guy who continued onward with us to Big Lug and treated us to multiple rounds of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Things are a little fuzzy after that. Ow my head.

I don't think there's gonna be a film clip from this show, not right away, so I'll post my own story tomorrow. Right now, Tylenol.


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