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Gothamite Sodomite Identifiers

1. In your social circle, you have at least 3 friends with the same first name, and they are identified by their country of origin. Examples: Brazilian Tony, Spanish Tony, Italian Tony.

2. You know that when an event is described as "ovah", that really means that it was good.

3. You know that when someone says that they were "gagging" at an event, that really means that it was good.

4. Over the last ten years, you've been to ten different nightclubs, and they were all in the same room.

5. Over the last three days, you've been to three different parties, with three different names, and they were all in the same room.

6. You have crossed a potential date off your list, because he doesn't live close to a subway stop. You have also dated an otherwise substandard prospect, because he was only 3 stops away.

7. Over the last three years, three of your friends have moved to Wilton Manors. And three others are thinking about it.

8. You know at least five people who claim to have been at The Saint when it closed.

9. You know that the word "share" actually means to exclude.

10. You can't name your Congressman, but you can name the last five residencies held by Junior Vasquez.

11. You not only remember where you were on September 11th, you remember who you fucked that night.

12. You think that all of your friends ended up at sex parties during the blackout, but you didn't.

13. You have at least three different man-purses, which contain all the items that the rest of the world keeps on the front seat of their car.

14. You have very specific ideas about which of your man-purses is appropriate for which outing.

15. You have been in a huge crowd, surrounded by your best friends, having the time of your life....but you decide to leave, in order to beat the line at coat check.


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