Main | Monday, August 29, 2005

Wigstock 2005

Wigstock 2005, the 20th anniversary of the legendary show, was its usual riot of bad jokes, great drag and amazing dancing and singing. Attending with me were a plethora of pithy pornographic pundits. While we all remained shamefully drag-free for the afternoon, we enjoyed the company of 15,000 Wigstock devotees, all crammed into tiny Tompkins Square.

The best act, to all of our surprise, was the apparently eternal Lady Miss Kier, formerly of Deee-Lite, who performed with a troop of dancers which included burka clad women holding signs that said "I Don't Want This War", and a regiment of camoflauge wearing GIs, all of whom were machine-gunned to the music, as an eerie lone figure stood at the rear of the stage dressed exactly like that hooded Abu Ghraib torture victim. The Wigstock crowd was visibly shocked, and THAT is an accomplishment, trust me. Kudos to Lady Bunny for another memorable afternoon.

Pictured above, left to right: Philadelphia's Young James and E-Diddy, with Connecticut Chris doing something weird in the background. That's me on the far right, and all I can say about this photo is how obvious it is that I now have more hair on my chinny-chin-chin than I've got on my noggy-nog-noggin. Rats.


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