Main | Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Taste Test With Mike And Joe

MIKE: Did you see what Diane got at her bridal shower yesterday? Bubble-gum flavored lube.

JOE: Bubble-gum? Yuck. I've never understood the flavored lube phenomenon. Who the fuck is buying this stuff?

MIKE: Freaks, that's who. I know I don't want my junk tasting like non-fat decaf cappucino or blueberry cheesecake!

JOE: Or raspberry vinaigrette. That lube is so Olive Garden.

MIKE: Totally the house lube for tossing salad. What would be the worst lube flavor ever?

JOE: Sushi, no question.

MIKE: I don't know, a little California Roll on my cucumber might be nice.

JOE: How about with wasabi?

MIKE: Ha, yowtch!

JOE: (suddently thoughtful) Hmm, come to think of it, maybe a little BBQ sauce flavor might be nice.

MIKE: For a really big date, maybe.

JOE: Oh no, for a really big date, I'd start with black truffle mousseline, then a palate-cleansing raspberry sorbet before I'd segue into a fig chutney and finish up with something sweet, maybe a nice dab of carmel-cream.

MIKE: I'm so hungry.


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