Main | Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Miami Patrick

I often run into JMG readers while I'm out living my glamorous high profile life. VIP, velvet ropes, guest lists, kiss kiss. This handsome man is Patrick, from Miami, whom I ran into at Fort Lauderdale's Jackhammer bar, conveniently located in the glamorous high profile section of Crack Town. Patrick is especially fond of the Terrence series and said some very kind things, for which I thank him.

I usually have my little digicam in my back pocket, so if YOU, gentle reader, happen to spot me at your local bistro, watering hole or bail bondsman, please do introduce yourself and pose for a pic to be posted here.

(BTW, for those wondering what happened to my facial hair...THIS is what happens when you forget to pack your own clippers and borrow someone else's and forget to check the adjustable length setting. Hellooooo baldy!)


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