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Paging Susan Lucci...

The annual slate of blogging awards is almost over. So far, I've come in 2nd place to Towleroad in Gawker Media's URBS Awards at Gridskipper, and I've tied for third for Best Popular Gay Blog Of 2005 over at Best Gay Blogs, coming in behind Towleroad (Again! Curse you Red Baron!), Pink Is The New Blog, and Proceed At Your Own Risk. (Note to self: start posting pictures of hunky shirtless Brazilians and washed up pop stars, ASAP!)

Now comes the word that I'm nominated for Best LGBT Blog in the Best of Blogs Awards, along with two gentlemen from my very own blogroll: the thoughtful GayProf at Center Of Gravitas, and the hilarious Lee of Glitter For Brains. I'm not entirely clear on the BoB's procedures, there's actually some subjective judging in this one, but I encourage you to check out their list of nominees. There's some tasty new (to me) stuff on the LGBT list alone.

So what's this all mean? Anything at all?

URBS/Best Gay Blogs=People's Choice?

BoB's=Golden Globes?

Does that make the looming 2006 Bloggies = Oscars?

Don't worry gentle readers, all this silliness will be over soon.

Click on this button to vote on your favorites. You have scroll down a bit to get to the LGBT category, but I think that's intentional so that you look at all the blogs in the other categories.

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