Main | Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sissy Shopping

Clerk: Welcome to Sissy Boutique. May I help you?

Joe: Yes, I'm looking for something middle-aged, preferably short?

Clerk: (Frowning) Middle-aged? There's not a lot of call for that around here. Maybe... I have something in the back. Want me to go look?

Joe: Do you mind? That would be great.

Clerk: (Nodding) I'll be right back. (Disappears into back...)

Joe: (Calling) Anything back there? Maybe something hairy? Cuban, if you got it.

Clerk: (Emerging from back, shaking head) I'm sorry but there's really nothing back there in your age range. We pretty much stock the younger sissies here. You know, twinks, baby fags, circuit boys. (Brightens) Oh! Maybe you can find something over at Nellie & Nancy? They sometimes have, um, older items in stock.

Joe: The last time I got something THERE, I had to do a return. It came with too much baggage.

Clerk: Well, the older stuff usually DOES.

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