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Blarg Hop Photo Recap

UPDATE: Blarg hop reviews here, here, here, here , here, here , here. Blather & Bosh's audio blog: here.

Made all the more memorable by what turned out to be the greatest snowstorm in the history of New York City, about 40 queer and queerish bloggers (and some friends!) set off down Christopher Street with the goal of drinking in every queer bar on the street. This Duplex barmaid's reaction to our arrival was typical: first surprise, then panic, then laughter.

Overall, I think just about everybody had a great time, especially judging by how few usable pictures I came out with. This hottie on the left was the bartender at Pieces, which I found to be a lot bigger and more fun than I had expected. By 1030PM, we had 40+ folks in attendance and we set off, losing and gaining others along the way.
Left: Chi-Chiz was the last place we hit, and good grief we were a jolly crew when we rolled in. Again, instead of photos of sloppy, messy bloggers, wouldn't you much rather look at their handsome, if confused bartender? I thought you would.

Left: One of the two sexy bartenders at Ty's, where I think our crew had their most fun. Ty's already had a good crowd when we rolled in, so by the time the last of our group got served at the bar, it was time to head across the street to the Hangar. I think we must have left hundreds of half-drunk drinks on the bars during the night. Or is that half-drink drunks?
Richard arrived to report that a group of "younger, cuter" bloggers had preempted our blarg hop on the previous night, blarg hopping the "younger, cuter bars", presumably in Chelsea. Whatever, kids! Us'n old bloggers had a wonderful time and easily put the few young'ns under the table.
Left: That's SuperDaddy's BF Tim, throwin' down with his bad ole' self in the basement disco at Monster. About half of our crew stayed upstairs at Monster and the rest of us did the disco. If you have never visited the Monster, I must insist that you do. Some of the patrons have been there as long as the decor.
Left: James, our winter snow fairy. James was one of the non-bloggers who was with us from beginning to end. James loves the snow. By the time we were heading for our fourth bar, the wind had begun to blow the snow sideways. But did the furious blizzard stop our hearty group from seeking out its next Pink Squirrel? Hellz no!
Left: Captain Steve, who brought his husband Brian and their friend Kevin, both of whom managed to have their eyes closed in every picture, hence their absence. Sorry!

Below: First failed attempt at a group shot, taken at Ty's. Nice face, Glenn.

Below: Barcelona bound, one day. Eric Likes Sheep and his DP.
Below: Neil and his BF Bryce. They used to live in New Jersey, but they still don't live in New York.
Below: These three fellows started at Pieces. Only James (in red) made it to the end.
Below: Second attempt at a group shot at Ty's. Nice face, Glenn.
Below: SuperDaddy Mark guards the jukebox no matter where he is. Unfortunately, swifter hands beat him to the Boots & Saddles jukebox and we were treated to 30 minutes of vintage Madonna, probably hastening our departure.
Below: Third attempt at a group shot. This time at least 10 people looked at the camera. Nice face, Glenn.

I'm having trouble with Blogger at the moment, I'll try and tweak this post a few times to add more pictures and line up the text.

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