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Blowoff Blew Up The House

Rich Morel and Bob Mould put together another fantastic event Saturday night. Blowoff at Washington DC's 9:30 Club was a complete mob scene of bears, bloggers, beefcake and beefcakey bear bloggers. Rich and Bob took turns DJ-ing throughout the evening and at the peak of the party, picked up their guitars and turned in a blistering four song set from their upcoming collaboration, also to be called Blowoff.

Early in the evening, Bob told me he had a surprise for me, which turned out to be his brand new smokin' Loudbomb remix of the Skatt Brothers' Walk The Night, a song that I wrote a post about last year. Bob, you blew me away! Not to be outdone, Rich Morel played his upcoming collaboration with legendary chanteuse Ute Lemper , then at the end of the night, he socked it to us with his killer Pink Noise remix of The Killers' All These Things I've Done, which had the entire room jumping up and down with their hands in the air, including yours truly. Above: Bob Mould rocks the house.
Below: Superstar DJ Daddy Rich Morel plants a wet one on me.
As someone at the party said, Blowoff is the most fun you can have with your pants up. True dat! Check out The Sean Show for another Blowoff recap. Big thanks to Boo's beau Jeff, who blogs at Cynically Optimistic, for providing me with these photos. Thanks to Carl for hanging out with me and showing me his sexy eight inches. And very big thanks to all the great guys that introduced themselves to me and said kind things and bought me beers. I left Blowoff very happy and d-r-unkity-unk.

UPDATE: Saturday's set list has been added to the Blowoff site. Look kids, there really is gay club life outside of wailing divas and pots and pans. P.S. - I love wailing divas and pots and pans.

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