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FIERCE! Update

Color me shocked, but sometimes this darn thing we call a gub'mint really works. Here's the resolution passed at the West Village meeting dealing with the underage queer problem that is tormenting many and causing deep divisions among the rest of the residents.

Community Board 2 passed this resolution, a program with a trial period until 6/30:

- Pier 45 to remain open until 1AM. Bathrooms and food vendors will be available until 1AM.

-FIERCE! will create teams to patrol Christopher Street to discourage noise making and engage in ’self policing”.

- Hudson River Park Trust, Community Board 2, local elected officials, and FIERCE! will work with service providers to build upon informal network of peer education and outreach workers who already work at Pier 45.

-Various mobile social service and health providers for queer youth will be allowed to park and provide services near Pier 45.

-Pier 45 Task Force will be created, and will include Community Board 2, local elected officials, Borough President, NYPD Precinct 6, and LGBT youth service providers to monitor the above program, make necessary modifications, and make a record of whether and how this program (including 1 AM closing) should continue or be modified after 6/30.

- The 1Am curfew is on a test run til 6/30. A community advisory panel (the Task Force mentioned above) which includes members of FIERCE!, get to review, monitor, and make decisions about whether to extend the curfew or make any changes after 6/30.

(via Daily Dose Of Queer)

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