Main | Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tomorrow: Photo Harassment

Tomorrow is St.Patrick's Day and as a genuine, authentic, so-Irish-it-hurts, Irish-American, I shall be among the millions lining Fifth Avenue for the world's largest St.Patrick's Day parade. The massing of thousands of handsome men, wearing kilts for a legitimate reason (don't get me started on "Utilikilts") is something I cannot ignore. I took this picture of the sexy bagpiper pictured on the left, during 2004's parade.
And so I was mildly impressed with myself to spot the same guy last year, as he strode past me to join his contingent. Note his wary sideways glance at me. Perhaps he recognized me also, as that perverted old queer who'd forced him to pose the previous year? No matter. Harrassing the hot Irish boys in skirts is my own personal way of protesting the continuing ban on any gay Irish groups from marching in the parade. If I manage to capture him again this year, I shall immediately post my victory in this space.

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