Main | Friday, March 24, 2006

Two Things

The thruple is in town for Black Party, as are many of my best friends from Florida and California. Yesterday, my little UES hovel was wall-to-sling Wilton Manorians. Watching those guys careening around the city for the last couple of days, two things have occured to me:

1. Nobody has gotten lost because New Yorkers love to give directions. Hardly anybody in Manhattan is a native New Yorker and there's a sort of joy in being able to act all local-like. I still remember the thrill I got a few years ago when I was stopped by tourists and got to say, "Times Square? Oh, sure. Just go that way on 42nd until you hit Broadway." I think I actually hung around briefly hoping somebody else needed help.

2. New Yorkers are not impatient, despite what it looks like. They simply won't wait, and that's different. Why should they stand in line in a store or restaurant when they can simply turn on their heel upon seeing a crowd and go into the place next door?

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