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Chelsea Gay Bars Raided And Closed

I ran into a bartender friend last night who reported that several Chelsea gay bars, including Splash, View Bar, and Avalon, were still closed yesterday after being raided by police on Friday night. Apparently the charges include underage drinking and drugs, although what "drugs" means, I don't know yet. Usage by patrons? Trafficing by employees? If anybody can find a news story on this situation, please send it to me and I'll post it here.

UPDATE: Splash's website is reporting "Yes, we are open!"

UPDATE II: Aaron found this story on Newsday's site. Looks like other places closed include Spirit and Club Deep. Club Speed and the Steel Gym were issued restraining orders against illegal activity. "Police said they closed the nightspots after a nine-month undercover probe that found numerous illegal drug sales, drug use, and alcohol sales to minors. Marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin were purchased on numerous occasions by undercover officers in the clubs, police said."

UPDATE III: Over on his blog, Aaron says: "I also have weird feelings about the NYPD continually "cracking down" on gay bars for serving liquor to minors, while allowing minors to be served at a million straight bars in the city. It just seems like the city government thinks that gay people need extra babysitting or we'll hurt ourselves. Do we?" Join the conversation, here.

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