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Friday Mailbag, April 21st 2006

Today's Mailbag: Swag and Heartbreak


I read your blog regularly and think it's terrific. I also work for a comic book company, and of course I was saddened to read that you have never even held a comic book. I have some good ones I can give you if you are willing to end the comic-free portion of your life. I don't really detect any desire in your post to actually try reading a comic book, but life is about exploring new things, right?

Just think, if Hal Jordan hadn't wandered out to check out that weird emerald light in the desert, the dying alien Abin Sur would never have given him his power ring, and Hal never would have become the Green Lantern of Earth!

But of course you have no idea what I'm talking about--it's from a comic book.

If you read some comics, consider all the stupid references in popular culture that you would finally be able to understand and thus more easily ignore!

Now, getting the comics to you would require you to give your address to a total stranger; perhaps you have an anonymous post office box for purposes just like this one? I also work in midtown Manhattan and I'm willing to arrange a drop-off in person at a street corner of your choosing, if you'd prefer. I promise not to hand you anything explosive or poisonous. Well, I guess some comics might be considered poisonous to impressionable minds... or explosively entertaining!

Just let me know, and remember that story about Hal Jordan! Who never would have been Green Lantern... if he didn't try something new! How can that possibly leave you unmoved? Plus, Hal is HOT.

Name Withheld

JMG: I am standing by to be wowed and fully-clued on missing cultural references!


Dear Joe,

I found your blog today after googling for items about Exodus, the ex-gay organization you wrote about yesterday. I am a mom in Texas and I keep an eye on whatever Exodus is doing, because you see Joe, I found some of their materials among my son's personal items after he took his life in 2002. Joe, he was only 19 years old and he was just the sweetest boy you'd ever want to know. My son had problems, yes, but his father and I (we are divorced) both feel that the Exodus people took advantage of his confusion about who he was. Even though he knew that we loved him, they helped him hate himself. Please don't stop writing about Exodus and the terrible, terrible harm they do to young people. I miss my boy so much.

Just a mother, Texas

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