Main | Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost In Frappistan

Kids, I have no idea what the deal is with my Frappr map. Everytime I look at the thing, they've changed the user interface and there are more and more (often confusing) features. As of today, 559 of you beautiful people have joined my map. I've added a slideshow of your photos (located right under the map, so NO, that guy with the glasses and beard is not me), but only the 50 or so most recently added photos seem to appear here on JMG. For reasons unknown, some of the earliest added photos have vanished from the actual map, including my own. Also, it seems that the Frappr map is slowing the load-time for this blog, opinions?

A few months ago I've mentioned the Interstate-10 corridor romance that has arisen between two of my Frappr'd readers. I also blabbed about an apparently one-time hook-up that occured with two JMG'ers at Esquelita. And now this morning, I get an email about a three-way that took place over the weekend in which one of the guys recognized one of the other guys from his pic on my Frappr map. Hilarious? Kinda creepy? I can't decide. I've also heard that some of you are emailing each other within my Frappr. I'm a mini-Manhunt!

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