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HomoQuotable - Keith Griffith

"Most cruisers don’t want to engage in sex in public. They want to meet someone in a public space and then try to be discreet—maybe in a stall or a cubicle or maybe behind a bush. The most important thing to note about Senator Craig is that there was no sex involved. I keep waiting for the news media to grab on to the fact that this man has been arrested for tapping his foot. When did that become a crime? If this guy had the balls he should have had, he would have fought this thing. Any good lawyer would have told him he had a strong case." - Keith Griffith, founder of, in a Newsweek article titled, The Secret World Of Online Cruising.

CORRECTION: Newsweek misspelled Keith Griffith's name in their article. There is no "s" on the end of his name.

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