Sunday, July 07, 2013

Dubya On Gay Marriage: Don't Criticize Until You Examine Your Own Heart

In an interview aired today by ABC News, former President George W. Bush refused to say whether he'd evolved on same-sex marriage, but he did say, "It's very important for people not to be overly critical of someone else until you examine your own heart." Back in February of this year, Laura Bush demanded to be taken out of a national marriage equality ad created by a coalition of LGBT groups.

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A Silly Lie From The National Review

All of Teabagistan has leaped upon a word cloud posted by Pew Research that even the wingnuts at Townhall allow "isn't the most precise form of polling."  In fact, President Obama's current approval rating is 47%.  At this point in his second term, Dubya's approval rating was 39.8%. 

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ARIZONA: Lesbian Couple Files For Civil Union In Small Town Of Bisbee

Back in April the small town of Bisbee, Arizona legalized civil unions for same-sex couples over the loud protests of the state Attorney General.  On Friday a lesbian couple became the first to file.
Kathy Sowden and Deborah Grier went to Bisbee City Hall to file the papers to recognize their 21 year relationship as a formal civil union. The documents spell out how they want to handle some of the privileges that come with marriage like the ability to make medical decisions for each other. Deborah Grier says, "I think it didn't feel a whole lot different but just the knowledge that somebody will actually recognize our union of 21 years." Kathy Sowden says, "It's not marriage 100 percent but it protects us a little more. 1 We've had friends who have had major problems when one of them has been ill." Bisbee's City attorney says because the city wrote the documents like a contract between two people, Bisbee's civil union carries legal weight outside Bisbee and throughout the US.
When Bisbee first made its move, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who was exposed last year as an adulterer (by the FBI, no less), fired off a threatening letter to town leaders. The right wing Center for Arizona Policy also sent Bisbee a letter. Theirs threatens to bankrupt the town in a lawsuit if any couple is granted a civil union.

RELATED: Last year Horne filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court, demanding that Arizona be allowed to repeal domestic partners insurance for state employees. In his suit, Horne claimed that rescinding benefits for gay employees would be good for Arizona tourism because doing so "furthers the State’s interest in promoting marriage."

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Tea Party Hero Sen. Ted Cruz Sings Amazing Grace To Tune Of Gilligan's Island

Oh, the internets will have fun with this for awhile.

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Employers Ponder DOMA Ruling

The Washington Post reports:
“What’s the federal government going to do when you have a valid marriage in New York and the couple moves to Texas? We don’t know the answer to that,” said Scott Macey, president of the ERISA Industry Committee that represents large employers. The confusion is creating uncertainty for many companies that operate nationwide and want to administer benefit plans in a uniform manner. “This affects a thousand laws and regulations that touch employee benefits,” said Bruce Elliott, manager of compensation and benefits at the Society for Human Resource Management, an industry association. But many questions were left unanswered by the court. What happens if an employee lives in Maryland, which allows same-sex marriages, but works in neighboring Virginia, which doesn’t? What happens to an employee who has a valid gay marriage in Iowa, but then moves to Alabama, which doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages?

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Ze Frank - A Song For Freud (About Dicks)

(Via JMG reader Some Teacher)

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

BREAKING: Jetliner Crashes At SFO

Casualties unknown at this writing. Story developing...

UPDATE: From a man claiming to have been a passenger.

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STUDY: Sex Keeps You Younger Looking

According to a British study:
“My message is that lovemaking is good,” Dr. David Weeks told the British Psychological Society. Former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Weeks said he spent a decade prying into the private lives of thousands of men and women of all ages. Weeks found that sexual pleasure is a “crucial factor” in preserving youth.

How? Lovemaking releases the human growth hormone, which helps keep the skin elastic and thus less likely to wrinkle, he said. Sex also released endorphins, which are the body’s feel-good chemicals and natural painkillers that ease anxiety and make it easier to sleep, Weeks added. Nookie boosts blood circulation, which is good for that heart and gives skin that healthy glow, the good doctor said. Finally, sex burns fat and releases other chemicals that bolster the immune system, he said.
Now we know why JMG readers look so great. You hussies.

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Exorcism Of The Day

Aztec demons this time!
Ara knew she had demons. It turns out that five generations ago, one of her ancestors was involved in a human sacrifice. Bob calls up the generational alter who was part of the sacrifice. Behind all of this was the demon of Lucifer -- and with Bob's help, Lucifer had to leave for good!

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Last Night At Belfast City Hall

Pink News reports:
The City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was lit up in rainbow colours last night to coincide with the start of Pride, but it will be the only of the UK’s capital cities where same-sex couples will be banned from marrying once the law changes in Westminster and Edinburgh. Last night,the House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, told the audience of Amnesty’s annual Belfast Pride lecture that although Northern Ireland is “considerably behind” when it comes to LGBT rights, “if it’s won through in the rest of the Kingdom it will prevail in Northern Ireland”.

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SAN FRANCISCO: Police Ask For Help In Brutal Pink Saturday Attack

Via the Mercury News:
Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man that brutally beat and helped rob a woman and may have attacked others early Sunday after the city's "Pink Saturday" Pride weekend event. The attack is not believed to have been a hate crime, police said. Around 1:50 a.m., the woman was approached by a group of men and women along Market Street between Castro Street and Civic Center, according to San Francisco police. The group pushed the woman to the ground and took unspecified belongings. In a video provided by police, the woman struggles to stand up as the group walks away. As one man passes her, he turns and viciously kicks her in the face. Police said the kick left the woman, who lives in the Central Valley, unconscious; she was recovering at her home Friday night, according to San Francisco police Ofc. Albie Esparza.
The SFPD posted the below clip to their YouTube channel last night. You may not want to watch this. Contact information for the detectives assigned to the case is here.

(Tipped by JMG readers Moss, Jonathan, and Jim)

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Henry Rollins On DOMA

"Bad News for the Haters Dept.: You realize that all those obnoxious 16-year-olds you see everywhere, texting their friends who are standing next to them, will be able to vote in the 2016 elections. Do you think you will be able to sell them on your anti-gay/anti-woman/anti-brown/black platform? Do you think they want to end up like you? I bet they don't. Gov. Bobby Jindal said that you all have to stop being the stupid party. I don't think you can do it. How did equality become political? Because you can't handle science, change or the truth. America is on the move, you are not." - Henry Rollins, writing for LA Weekly.

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TRAILER: Preachers Of L.A.

Coming to Oxygen this fall:
Preachers of L.A. gives a candid and revealing look at six boldly different and world renowned mega-pastors in Southern California, who are willing to share diverse aspects of their lives, from their work in the community and with their parishioners to the very large and sometimes provocative lives they lead away from the pulpit.


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Friday, July 05, 2013

SAN DIEGO: Navy Grants OK For Sailors To Wear Uniforms In Gay Pride Parade

All of last year's screaming by the right wing was wasted because the Navy has again granted permission for active duty sailors to wear their uniforms at San Diego Pride. Via press release:
Following a historic week of marriage equality victories, the United States Navy, Region Southwest has authorized active duty Navy servicemembers under its command to wear their uniforms in the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade on Saturday, July 13 at 11 am. For the third year, servicemembers are invited to participate in the Military Contingent which leads the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade. Over 300 servicemembers are expected to participate, either in uniform or in a branch specific T-shirt. "San Diego has a strong military presence and a large LGBT community, and it is important to our LGBT servicemembers that we honor their full identity and service to our country. We are grateful to the Navy Region Southwest command for extending their support to our event and to these courageous servicemembers," said Stephen Whitburn, San Diego LGBT Pride General Manager.
The Navy stipulates that pride participants are not to embellish their uniforms with "unauthorized items" and that they may only carry the American flag.

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Tweet Of The Day - Gregory Angelo

As the rest of us know, the man arrested in Seattle is a straight, married, multiple felon. I suspect that fact is known to Log Cabin Republicans head Gregory Angelo.

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GOProud To Capital One: Fire Alec Baldwin

Led by former GOProud head Jimmy LaSalvia, two dozen wingnuts outfits are calling on Capital One to fire Alec Baldwin for "homophobic speech."
“We urge all Americans to ask themselves, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets,” said gay conservative strategist and GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia of

Joining LaSalvia in spearheading the effort with his colleague at, John Hawkins. LaSalvia and Hawkins issued an open letter signed by several prominent conservatives to Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank. The group has also launched an online petition.

“It's still a free country and Alec Baldwin can do as much gay bashing as he likes on Twitter, but it's hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman,” said Hawkins. “If Capital One is not going to do the right thing, then Capital One doesn’t deserve our business.”
Other homocons signing the letter are Log Cabin head Gregory Angelo, fired Romney advisor Richard Grenell, and Gay Patriot blogger Bruce Carroll.

REMINDER: LaSalvia doesn't mind anti-gay epithets when they come from HIM.  Here's a blast from the past.

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ESB Gets Fancy For The Fourth

Here's a great clip of the Empire State Building's fab new LED light show during the finale of last night's fireworks show. The musical choices were "curated" by pop star Usher.

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Satanists Back Texas GOP

My headline is just one take on the above tweet regarding the claim that pro-choice activists chanted "Hail Satan" as Christians sang Amazing Grace in the rotunda of the Texas Capitol.  In Teabagistan this tweet is being touted as evidence that "Texas Democrats are too evil even for Satan!"

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Totally Not-Gay Rep. Aaron Schock Cheers Anti-Gay Group For Their Work

The Thomas More Society is representing two downstate Illinois county clerks who are defending against the ACLU's lawsuit to legalize same-sex marriage.  Totally not gay US Rep. Aaron Schock is very sorry that he couldn't be there for the group's annual function, but he recorded the below video clip to congratulate them for their hard work to deny civil equality to the people in Schock's district.

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CRAIGSLIST: MTV Issues Casting Call For Reality Show About Young Gay Athletes

JMG reader Dean noticed this Craigslist posting:
Is being gay affecting your game? Is your love for sports interfering with the love of your life? Is your desire to be the MVP keeping you from coming out to your coaches and teammates for fear of losing their acceptance? Are you worried that embracing who you are will keep you from getting an award or scholarship? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend tired of keeping your relationship a secret to keep you team captain?

Maybe you're open about your sexuality but still feel discriminated on the court. Is being a gay athlete keeping you on the bench? Are you putting aside your feelings "for the good of the team?"

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 24 and want to share the struggles and triumphs of being an athlete within the LGBT community, email us at casting[at]gigantic[dot]tv to be considered for an episode of MTV's True Life produced by Emmy-award winning Gigantic! Productions. Tell us why we should draft you and be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a recent picture of yourself.

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COSTA RICA: President Signs Bill That "Accidentally" Legalizes Gay Unions

On Monday the national legislature of Costa Rica approved a bill that some claim "accidentally" legalizes civil unions or marriage for gay couples. Most had expected the president to veto the bill and that it would be rewritten.  But she has signed it. Via Google Translate:
Chinchilla signed the law that was not raised to give rights to homosexuals, but to strengthen the Young Person Act, and was presented by a deputy of National Liberation (PLN), Jorge Rojas. However, a motion of the deputy of the Frente Amplio, José María Villalta, joined the project and change Article 242 of the Family Code, which regulates the relations made ​​after three years of living, where to between couples "with legal capacity for marriage".

The amendment passed the 45 deputies present in the plenary on Monday afternoon, states that the recognition of the rights to do "without discrimination contrary to human dignity" and the social and economic effects of unions. For Deputy Villalta, the law firm "means a small step to combat discrimination that many people suffer orientation in Costa Rica".

Meanwhile, across the street from those who are against the Costa Rican Renovation deputy, Justo Orozco, said he would file a bill for there to be an "authentic interpretation" of what was intended vote in plenary. Orozco also explained why he voted for the plan: "God saved me," he said, recalling that he was in his office. For the evangelical Carlos Avendaño, the law does not give anyone rights since in his opinion does not generate substantial changes in the Family Code to allow marriage between same sex. "I find it regrettable that this created that expectation," he said.
Costa Rica's first female president, Chinchilla has battled against placing a legal separation of church and state into the national constitution, which declares Costa Rica to be a "Roman Catholic nation."  After her election in 2010, Chinchilla declared her continued opposition to same-sex marriage, but said that Costa Rico should move forward on some legal recognition for gay couples. (Tipped by JMG reader Austin)

NOTE: Spanish speakers, please feel free to correct or provide context to the above-linked translation.

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Pope & Ex-Pope: Straight Marriages Only

Today the Vatican released an 82-page document co-written by Pope Francis and former Pope Benedict in which the pair says that marriage is only blah blah blah.
Francis paid tribute to pope emeritus Benedict XVI in the encyclical, saying that the ex-pontiff had "almost completed" the text before stepping down in a historic resignation this year and that he himself had merely added "further contributions." The 82-page text stresses that there is no contradiction between the Catholic faith and the modern world and calls for more dialogue with scientists, other religions and non-believers. It also restates the Catholic Church's position on marriage saying it should be a "stable union of man and woman." "This union is born of their love, as a sign and presence of God's own love, and of the acknowledgement and acceptance of the goodness of sexual differentiation," reads the text.
Also today, Pope Francis met Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby for the first time.
Welby has been opposing legislation in Britain that would legalize same-sex marriage, saying it would undermine family life. Francis said he hoped they could collaborate in promoting the sacredness of life "and the stability of families founded on marriage." Significantly, Francis didn't say that marriage should be between a man and woman, which is how Benedict XVI routinely defined marriage. Vatican officials said it was a diplomatic way of making his point without issuing a provocative pronouncement.
And in more Vatican news, here comes Saint John Paul II.
The Roman Catholic Church will declare the late Pope John Paul II a saint, the Vatican announced Friday. Pope Francis signed the decree Friday morning, the Vatican said. John Paul was pope from 1978 until his death in 2005, and was in a way the first rock star pontiff, drawing vast crowds as he crisscrossed the globe. At his funeral, thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square and chanted "Santo subito" -- Sainthood now! The Polish-born pope was fast-tracked to beatification and became "the blessed" John Paul II barely six years after his death, the fastest beatification in centuries.

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Vatican: Gays Want Special Privileges

"In the American language you have a distinction between the word ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’. A homosexual is a person who has, to some extent, this homosexual condition. Somebody may have this difficulty, and his friends, his neighbors will not know about this. He’s dealing with this in cooperation with the grace of God and may come out of this difficulty and come back to normal human relationships. Sometimes adolescents, at the moment when their sexual sensibility is appearing, if they have been distorted by others they go through a phase of difficulty in this field. But as they mature they will grow out of it. Whereas a ‘gay’ is somebody who says, ‘I am like this, I will be like this, I want to be treated like this, and I want special privileges because I am like this.’ Now if somebody is not only homosexual, but a gay, declaring, ‘This is how I am, and I want this to be respected legally, socially and so on’ – such a person will never come out of the difficulty." - Vatican theologian Wojiech Geirtych, telling LifeSiteNews that "homosexual deserve to be told the truth" about their perversity.

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At The 2013 Drag Invasion Of The Pines

Yesterday my pal Jerry accompanied me to the Invasion Of The Pines, the 37th annual marking of the day in 1976 when a drag queen was denied service at a restaurant in Fire Island Pines. Every Fourth of July since then, hundreds of drag queens board a chartered ferry in Cherry Grove and "invade" the Pines for a day exploding with glitter, feathers, and lots and lots of drinking.  I've posted about 150 photos from our day in chronological order of the madness. Lots of handsome men and hilarious drag at the link. You'll probably want to check out Paula Deen's full outfit....

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American Street Preacher Arrested In Britain For Homophobic Speech

The religious right has a new martyr in former Los Angeles County police officer Tony Miano, who was arrested in Britain earlier this week for allegedly using homophobic speech as he preached to passersby on the street. Via the Christian Post:
He was found to be in violation of Public Order Act Section 5, for "using homophobic speech that could cause people anxiety, distress, alarm or insult," Miano said in a YouTube video posted on Wednesday. Preaching from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12, Miano spoke about sexual sins for 25 minutes before being cut off by Metropolitan Police officers who said that although preaching in itself is not an offense, the specific part of the Bible he was preaching from was interpreted as homophobic by the woman who called to complain. Miano told police officers that he doesn't hate homosexuals, and then reiterated that he was preaching about all forms of sexual immorality – lust, fornication and addiction to pornography. He said that he "loves homosexuals enough to bring them the truth of the Gospel."
Miano claims he spent seven hours in jail. His encounter with the police begins at the 25:00 mark in the video below. A transcript of his interview at the police station is here.  According to the Christian Legal Centre, which is representing Miano, police initially offered to let him off with a £90 fine, but then decided to prosecute him after he vowed that he would repeat his actions. It's unclear if any prosecution will actually take place.

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Yesterday's Headlines In Teabagistan

These headlines refer to this.

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SF Chorus Celebrates End Of Prop 8

JMG reader and filmmaker Sean Chapin writes:
Moments after Prop 8 fell and the first same-sex couple wed in San Francisco City Hall, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus celebrated the marriage of Prop 8 Plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, singing to then an excerpt of a new song called "San Francisco" from Andrew Lippa's oratorio "I Am Harvey Milk", world-premiered by the chorus days before in its 35th anniversary concert Harvey Milk 2013. Also seen with the newlywed couple are San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Human Rights Campaign President and Founder of the American Federation for Equal Rights Chad Hunter Griffin, Oscar-winning Producer Bruce Cohen and Oscar-winning Screenwriter for the movie "Milk" Dustin Lance Black. The chorus also sings "Give 'Em Hope", complemented by footage of the day when Prop 8 fell inside City Hall and that afternoon in the Castro neighborhood, as well as the wedding of Kris Perry and Sandy Stier.

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NBA Star Tim Hardaway Becomes First To Sign Florida Marriage Equality Petition

The Huffington Post reports:
A former NBA star who once declared "I hate gay people" became the first person to sign a new petition seeking to legalize gay marriage in Florida. Tim Hardaway signed the first petition Wednesday night for Equal Marriage Florida, a fresh effort to repeal a 2008 state amendment banning same-sex unions. He added his name while leaning over a pool table in a public ceremony at Sully's Tavern in Miami alonside Equal Marriage Florida organizer Vanessa Brito.
In 2007 Hardaway was asked to respond to the coming out of former NBC player John Ameichi. Hardaway said, "You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known,. I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States." He later apologized and has since become an advocate and ally.

RELATED: Equality Florida needs to raise 683,000 signatures in order to place a repeal of the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on the 2014 ballot.

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New Record: 69 Hot Dogs

Easily the most bizarre NYC holiday tradition.

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Street Preacher Vs Gay Pride Attendee

The preacher writes on YouTube:
This discussion is very revealing into the mind of many (maybe all) homosexuals. This gay man revealed the enshrined secret, spirit and teaching behind the gay community: Christians are not allowed and should be fought against, perhaps wiped out. This man openly says it is RUDE for a Christian to be at the public parade. He infers that Christians are the ENEMY (Forcing me to pick sides). This man states Christianity is the Oppressor.

Based upon this man's words, the natural conclusion of this man's statement if enshrined in code of law and has the upper hand in society is that if Gay people had their way, Christianity should be banned (It is oppressive), it should be fought against (it is a war), its propogators should be imprisoned (they are the bad guys), society should bar Christians from jobs (Rude for just being there), Christians should be killed (they are the enemy).
Of course, the gay man says nothing of the sort.

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Arkansas LGBT Couples Sue For Marriage

And now, Arkansas.
Several LGBT couples have taken a stand against Arkansas Amendment 83, saying that the amendment denies them the benefits and privileges given to married heterosexual couples. The lawsuit filed against the state of Arkansas declares that while the US Supreme Court recognized marriage as one of the 'basic civil rights of man,' the Arkansas Constitution prevents gay marriage from being recognized. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit said the amendment is unconstitutional and violates their fundamental rights. "These are the constitutional arguments to make," said University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law Professor Terri Beiner. "Now, whether they'll be successful or not, we'll just have to wait to see what the courts do with it."
(Via JMG reader Gary)

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Putin Signs Foreign Gay Adoption Ban

President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that bans foreign married same-sex couples from adopting Russian children.
The new law prohibits adoption by same-sex foreign couples whose homeland recognizes their union as marriage, as well as by single people or unmarried couples from those countries. A Kremlin statement said the measure is intended to guarantee children a "harmonious" upbringing and protect them from "complexes, emotional suffering and stress." The bill signed Wednesday is the latest move by Russia to buck the Western trend toward greater acceptance of homosexuality. On Sunday, Putin approved a ban on giving children any information about gays.
Russia, which has an estimated 600,000 children living in orphanages, already bans all adoptions by Americans.

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Anderson Cooper: I'm A Creepy Cher Fan

"You try keeping a 46 year-old gay man away from Cher."

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Linda Harvey Went To Columbus Pride

"I attended a recent 'gay pride' parade in Columbus. I'd been to one a few years earlier, and the bad news is that the event has grown much, much larger. Corporate support is everywhere. Macy's, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, JC Penney, Chipotle, Frito-Lay, and many others. Local Ohio banks, Fifth-Third and Huntington. American Family Insurance. All had sizeable contingents of marchers and banners. So the continuing high incidence of HIV among males who have sex with males, generating around 29,000 new cases per year in the U.S., is acceptable to these companies and their boards of directors? Just asking. This abundant fruit, so to speak, of the homosexual community is now ignored by the media and considered a big yawn, except by those infected, of course." - Hate group crackpot Linda Harvey, writing on her website.

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Ted Nugent: I Might Run For President

The Washington Post reports that Ted Nugent is considering a run for president.
“Things are just so wrong in the country now,” Nugent said. “And I know that my answers would make things wonderful, unless you just refuse to produce, and then I’d recommend that you move to Canada. Or Illinois.” He even has a slogan picked out: “Hi, I’m Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I’m running for president.” The musician and gun enthusiast has flirted with politics before, talking about a run for governor of Michigan in 2006 and 2010.
Nugent has yet to come through on his promise that he would be "dead or in prison" if President Obama was reelected.

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SINGAPORE: First Openly Gay Politician Vows Decriminalization Of Homosexuality

After coming out last week on his Facebook page, Vincent Wijeysingha vowed this week that Singapore will soon decriminalize homosexuality.
“I am entirely convinced the law will eventually be repealed,” said Wijeysingha, treasurer of the Singapore Democratic Party. The decades-old law makes “gross indecency” between men punishable by up to two years in prison. It has not been actively enforced in recent years, but 185 men were convicted under the law between 1997 and 2006, according to government data. Complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation have become less common in Singapore, a Southeast Asian economic powerhouse of about 5 million. But until a decade ago, government policies barred gays from “sensitive positions” in the civil service and imposed strict censorship on gay-related content in movies and TV shows.
RELATED: Watch yet another gorgeous video from Saturday's Pink Dot event in Singapore's Hong Lim Park. The ending!

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Happy July 4th From NOM

"As we celebrate Independence Day, we're reminded of how richly blessed America has been. We're a republic founded on the principles of religious liberty, freedom and democracy, endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. We're a nation where citizen rights come from God, not from government, and where the people are sovereign, not politicians or judges.

"But those principles are under siege, by the culture, by our federal government and, increasingly, by the US Supreme Court. We need your help to fight to preserve America's founding principles such as religious liberty which is greatly at risk wherever marriage is redefined.

"Our opponents blithely claim that religious liberty and same-sex 'marriage' can peacefully coexist, but experience shows that is not the case. Anybody who doesn't abandon their faith principles and fully cooperate with the new gay marriage regime is likely to face consequences. Unless we fight back, it will only get worse." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, in today's money beg.

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Bad Behavior At Seattle Pride

This clip is already appearing on right wing sites.

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Open Thread Thursday

So what's the plan today?

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Scratch-N-Sniff Honey Boo Boo

Look, Francine, Tab for our diet! Via Phoenix New Times:
Anyone who picks up the July 15th issue of People (available at newsstands, corner drugstores, and supermarket checkout aisles starting on Friday) or the July 22nd issue of US Weekly (available July 12) can nab one of 10 million of the scented and scratchable cards that can be used when watching both the season premiere and the second episode. Specific numbers will appear on screen at various points throughout either episode corresponding with six scents on each card that viewers are encouraged to rub off and then inhale. (Honey Boo Boo fans can also match up the smells via this website for a chance to win $5,000.) And according to Mama June herself, not every one will be pleasant. "Take a big whiff and see what you smell," she says in an online promo video for the stunt. "Some don't smell too good."
This house is just like Architectural Digest, Francine! (Via Boy Culture)

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Fireworks In Cairo Over Morsi's Ouster

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BREAKING: Egyptian Military Seizes Control, Morsi's Whereabouts Unknown

A full military coup has taken place in Egypt tonight. 

NBC News:
Armored cars, tanks and troops deployed in the Egyptian capital on Wednesday, and advisers said they had lost contact with President Mohammed Morsi in what they described as a military coup. In a scene reminiscent of the earliest days of the Arab Spring, tens of thousands of Egyptians who had demanded the president’s ouster staged a jubilant celebration in Tahrir Square — dancing, cheering and setting off fireworks.

Earlier in the day, the president and the military each swore to fight to the death for control of the country, and a military deadline for Morsi to step aside came and went with no statement from the president. “We swear to God to sacrifice with our blood for Egypt and its people against any terrorist, extremist or ignoramus,” the military said in a statement. “Long live Egypt and its proud people.”
Al Jazeera:
Egypt's ruling Freedom and Justice Party has said that "a full military coup" was under way to remove President Mohamed Morsi from power, after an army deadline urging him to meet the protesters' demands expired. Gehad El-Haddad, a spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood and senior adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party, said on Wednesday that armoured personnel carriers were on the move around the outskirts of Cairo and that "some high ranking members of the Brotherhood have been arrested".

Haddad also told Al Jazeera that communication with Morsi was cut off, saying that he could not confirm nor deny whether the president was moved from the Republican Guard Headquarters in the capital. The statement came as hundreds of thousands of anti-government portesters rallied across the city, flooding Tahrir Square in the centre, the main hub of the opposition coalition movement.
ABC News:
The Egyptian Army is carrying out a "full military coup" and the army has placed a travel ban on the country's embattled President Mohamed Morsi, officials said. The action came at the end of the 48 hours Egypt's military gave Morsi two days ago to answer the demands of protesters who have filled the country's streets in recent days. The streets of Cairo was jammed again today, this time with competing throngs of pro- and anti-Morsi protesters.

In a statement posted on the Egyptian Presidency Facebook page, Essam El-Haddad, Egypt's national security adviser called the on-going situation "a full military coup," and warned that it will only lead to more violence. "Today only one thing matters. In this day and age no military coup can succeed in the face of sizeable popular force without considerable bloodshed. Who among you is ready to shoulder that blame?" he wrote.
UPDATE: AP has news on Morsi.

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Maggie Gallagher: Justice Kennedy Has Declared A Fatwa On America

"Will we concede the legitimacy of Kennedy’s fatwa against us, or will we respond with a sustained opposition — legal, political, cultural, and of the moral imagination? The legal implications are vast. I think this is, in fact, Roe v. Wade. The majority on the Supreme Court has clearly accepted that our Founding Fathers guaranteed us all a right to gay marriage in our Constitution, and is just prudentially biding its time — probably two to three years at most — before a case with clear standing gets in Justice Kennedy’s hands. Already Kennedy has refused to accept for review a case in Arizona limiting marriage benefits to married couples. A Michigan federal judge also ruled our Constitution requires giving marriage benefits to non-married same-sex partners. I think we are now in the post-Roe phase. Will we accede to the Court’s right to rule our values on marriage or not?" - Maggie Gallagher, speaking to the National Review.

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NEW JERSEY: Democrats To Attempt Override Of Christie's Marriage Veto

New Jersey's Star-Ledger reports:
The state’s top Democratic lawmakers today urged their Republican counterparts to "vote their conscience" to legalize same-sex marriage, but said some GOP lawmakers won’t do this because they don’t want to cross Gov. Chris Christie. Senate President Stephen Sweeney said he will hold a vote to override Christie’s veto of a same-sex marriage bill that passed last year, noting that thousands of gay couples in New Jersey will be ineligible for federal benefits unless lawmakers act soon. But first, Sweeney said, at least a few Republicans have to change their no votes to yes. The Senate president said Christie has intimidated GOP lawmakers, claiming some have privately admitted they would like to change their votes to allow same-sex marriage.
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"Ex-Gay" Crackpot Greg Quinlan: Obama, Kennedy, & Kagan Are All Secretly Gay

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Quinlan says gay men are sexual cannibals. Quinlan says he's gay because he was molested. Quinlan defends the "ex-gay" therapy of Ladybird Bachmann. Quinlan claims gay activist Wayne Besen threatened to inject him with AIDS. Quinlan testifies against New Jersey marriage. Quinlan works to increase attacks on LGBT children.  Quinlan attempts to distribute "ex-gay" flyers at public schools. Quinn demands that FDA cease linking gay sites in harm reduction campaign. Quinlan files SCOTUS brief in support of DOMA. Quinlan to speak at "Ex-Gay" Pride Month.

RELATED: After a brief marriage characterized by triumphant press releases, in 2008 Quinlan was divorced by his pretend wife, who presumably was sick and tired of never getting fucked. Quinlan likes to brag about what a butch stud he was, even when he was still taking cock up his ass:
“I wasn’t your flaming faggot, you know. I can say that because I’ve been there and done that. You know, the one’s whose wrists are so limp that when the wind blows they slap themselves in the face. I wasn’t one of them,” Quinlan said, as the small audience chuckled.

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Tweet Of The Day - Matt Barber

It figures that Barber would cite crackpot conspiracy whackjob Alex Jones.

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NYC Begins Holiday Exodus

According to AAA estimates, 5.6 million people will abandon the New York City metro area for the holiday weekend.  Highways and public transit are expected to be at peak capacity by mid-afternoon. For those staying in town, this year's fireworks display has been "curated" by pop star Usher, who has not only created the mixtape that will be simulcast during the show, but has designed some of the firework shells themselves.
"It was hard for me to articulate what I had in my mind, so it took a lot of them giving me sketches of how things could look in the sky and also giving me an idea of what kind of colors I could work with. We went out to the desert. I Instagrammed a few photos of some of the work that they fired off. Some things that are really special, I decided not to show you guys that. The first thing that I said was, 'This sure does beat the bottlerocket I was shooting off last year.' In addition to being able to have access to such an incredible moment to convey art and culture, I have something in the middle of it that I can say was specifically made for me."
Usher's musical selections include tracks by Kanye West, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Sheldon, and two songs by (shocker) Usher. The 37th Annual Macy's Fourth Of July Fireworks Celebration ® (yup) begins at 8PM on the Hudson River.  Prime viewing locations are on the West Side Highway between the West Village and Hell's Kitchen.

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Let's Eat Grandma


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Anti-Violence Project Reacts To Anti-Gay Incident On New York City Subway

From their Facebook page:
The New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is deeply disturbed by video footage that was shot and posted online by a concerned witness, who has been in touch with AVP about this incident, and who documented a number of incidents of hate violence on a Queens-bound F train on Sunday, June 30th at around 11:45 pm. AVP is reaching out to the NYPD about this incident, and is contacting community partner Make the Road New York, and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Queens District Attorney’s Office, and Council Member Ruben Wills in Queens.
Video of the incident and my report is here.

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Steve Grand - All-American Boy

Gay pop rock, Abercrombie-style.

(Via Towleroad)

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HomoQuotable - Robert Oscar Lopez

"Straight people started the artificial reproductive technology morass to deal with infertility, but it's now the gay lobby that promises the future growth market for the synthetic baby business, as well as the most compelling ideological pretext to normalize commercialized procreation. (Hypocrisy alert! In the 1970s, homosexuality was fervently de-pathologized by the medical field, but now homosexual activists compare themselves to heterosexual couples with medical disabilities such as infertility in order to qualify for artificial reproduction rights.) In the context of gay rights, homosexuals must be legally shielded from the expectation that they ought to fertilize their eggs and implant their sperm by flirting, courting, and making love to the opposite sex. Not only must they have access to the flesh-and-blood parts to manufacture obedient, loving children -- they must reshape culture and laws to force all of us to refrain from judging or criticizing them." - Homocon anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez, writing for American Thinker.

RELATED: In addition to appearing on stage at an anti-gay Manif Pour Tous rally in France, Lopez has testified against LGBT equality before several state legislatures and he co-signed an anti-gay homocon brief to the Supreme Court. 

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Edie's Refund: $638,000+

CNN Money reports:
The Supreme Court decision this week striking down the Defense of Marriage Act means a lot of things to a lot of people. But to Edith Windsor, the plaintiff who brought the case, the landmark ruling also means she will finally get back the $638,000 in estate tax payments she had to make to the IRS and to New York State after her spouse -- Thea Spyer -- died in 2009. Windsor will also be paid interest on her refunds. Paul, Weiss, the law firm that represents her, estimates she will receive about $45,000 in interest on her federal refund and $25,000 on her New York State refund. The other good news for the 83-year-old Windsor? Her lawyers won't be getting a cut because Paul, Weiss took the case pro bono.

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The Leaning Tower Of Coney

The amusement park at Brooklyn's Coney Island was evacuated yesterday after boardwalk strollers reported that the 275-foot tall Astro Tower ride, which closed five years ago, was swaying and "making funny noises."  The fire department inspected the site and found "no immediate danger."  The park should reopen today. No, thank you.

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COSTA RICA: Legislature Accidentally Approves Bill Legalizing Civil Unions

Lawmakers in Costa Rica are arguing over who's to blame after a bill that appears to have legalized civil unions was approved yesterday.
According to Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion, a project to ‘reinforce the quality of life in the country's youth’ also contained clauses about changing the Family Code to include same-sex unions. The bill, which 45 MPs approved last night, amended Article 242 of the Family Code, which regulates domestic partnerships. Manrique Oviedo, of the Citizen Action Party (PAC) urged Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla to veto the bill in order to ensure that same-sex unions are not legalized. Oviedo, who has previously opposed same-sex unions based on his evangelical beliefs, himself voted for the bill last night.
Read the story from the local Spanish press.

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New Mexico Couples Sue For Marriage

Via press release from the National Center for Lesbian Rights:
Late Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico, ACLU national, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Albuquerque law firm Sutin, Thayer & Brown PC, and Albuquerque attorneys Maureen Sanders, Kate Girard, and Lynn Perls filed a writ of mandamus with the New Mexico State Supreme Court seeking a ruling on the issue of whether same-sex couples can marry in the State of New Mexico. The writ also asks the court to clarify that New Mexico respects the marriages of same-sex New Mexico couples who married in another state, which is necessary to ensure that those couples qualify for all of the federal programs that are now available to married same-sex couples as a result of the United States Supreme Court decision last week invalidating the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

“The United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn DOMA has increased our sense of urgency to clarify the ability of same-sex couples to marry in New Mexico,” said ACLU-NM Executive Director Peter Simonson. “With all barriers to federal recognition removed, our State cannot stand by as thousands of same-sex couples, many of whom were married out of state, continue to be denied those protections.”
RELATED: Back in March the mayor of Santa Fe declared that there is nothing in state law than bans same-sex couples from marrying.

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Hail Satan?

All of Teabagistan went into an uproar last night after a handful of pro-choice activists allegedly chanted "Hail Satan" as a group of anti-abortion activists sang Amazing Grace in the rotunda of the Texas Capitol. I've watched the video several times and as far as I can tell only one woman says it to the camera, but you wouldn't know that from the screaming headlines at the top of every right wing blog. #HailSatan is currently trending at the top of Twitter's hashtag list.

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New Animated Movie Shows Gay Family

The coming animated feature from Laika Studios mentions a two-dad family. Via The Hollywood Reporter:
In the new trailer for The Boxtrolls, the latest 3D animated feature from Portland-based Laika Studios, a sweet-faced toddler stands alone on a street as various combinations of parents in Victorian garb appear and disappear beside him. "Sometimes there's a mother," the narrator intones. "Sometimes there's a father. Sometimes there's a father and a father. Sometimes both fathers are mothers." Eventually, the little boy is spirited down a sewer by a friendly crew of crated monsters. "Families come in all shapes and sizes," says the narrator. "Even rectangles."
The movie isn't about a gay family, but the mere mention of one in an animated film is sure to set you-know-who on yet another tiresome rampage. The studio's straight CEO (above) says, "We’re not in any way trying to be activists. We’re just trying to be who we are." Laika's last animated feature, ParaNorman, included a character who casually outed himself.

Universal has spent the last day scrubbing copies of the film's trailer from YouTube, but Hollywood Gossip has a mirrored copy. The Boxtrolls is due for release in the fall of 2014. (Tipped by JMG reader Jim)

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Priest Son Of Justice Antonin Scalia: Homosexuality Does Not Actually Exist

"In this regard we must note the unfortunate title The Homosexual Person (and therefore also the unfortunate title of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith document). In short, we should not predicate 'homosexual' of any person. That does a disservice to the dignity of the human person by collapsing personhood into sexual inclinations.  The chronology of the books helps us to see the development in this area of language. Indeed, the Church is still trying to find the right vocabulary to speak about this modern phenomenon.

"Thus in his last book, Father Harvey ceased using the term 'homosexual' or 'homosexual person.' His thought and ministry brought him to realize that it is better to speak of someone with 'same-sex attractions.' Although lacking brevity and ease of speech, this phrase has the virtue of precision. It acknowledges both the person/attraction distinction and the complexity of the condition – not fairly summarized as an 'orientation.'" - Father Paul Scalia, son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in a review of three books written by the founder of Courage, the Catholic "ex-gay" group for which the younger Scalia works.

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