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JMG: Year Three

Today is my second blogiversary.

What have these last two years wrought? 518 posts. A couple of hundred short stories. A handful of award nominations. A lot of political huffing and puffing.

But most of all, blogging has given me some wonderful, amazing, inspiring new friends. Some of my favorite bloggers have become great friends, and some of my favorite friends have become great bloggers. Blogging has redefined me. At a time in my life when I found myself slipping out of the hectic gay social scene of parties, bars, discos, a time of any gay man's life (I imagine) when the lure of the couch and the remote control is as great (or greater) than the lure of a night spent bar and/or bed-hopping, blogging has reinserted me into the world, a world which had begun to seem grey and repetitive, but now seems vibrant and always, always new. And now, sometimes, handsome strangers want to buy me drinks.

So I am grateful to all of you, my gentle, treasured readers.

As far as year three, I don't forsee any dramatic changes here on JMG. I'm still using the original template created for me in a Bleecker Street coffeeshop two years years ago by my Blogdaddy. I'm still free of advertising and product-placement and likely will remain so. I don't see myself adding any co-bloggers, creating a team of cut-and-paste news aggregators, or DVR'ing the latest reality show highlights. There's other folks out there doing that better than I ever could. I guess all I can promise you is more of my usual nonsense.

Again, thanks. I'm having a blast.

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