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Friday Mailbag, May 12th, 2006

Joe, I don't know if you watch Bravo TV's "Top Chef" but I was watching the reunion show and one of the lines made me think of you because it was one of those inadvertent things that was funny as hell and the guy didn't even realize what he was saying and sometimes you have things like that on your blog. Stephen was explaining how fortunate he has been in his life to have had so many people educate him about business and food and this is basically what he said:

"I've been very lucky to have had so many teachers, professors and mentors dump loads in me".

My boyfriend and I could not stop laughing!

-Chuck, the cute, horse hung guy from Michigan

JMG-When I asked him how he'd like to be identified, and Chuck gave me that tagline, I said, "You know that the readers are going to be all over that." Chuck's response: "If anybody wants a pic, they have to write directly and ask nicely." Therefore:


Hi Joe, I’ve been reading your blog for about 9 months now and I enjoy your writing. I’m a straight guy here in Baltimore and your posts give me some perspective that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Thanks for that.

I read recently in one of the Parliament House posts that “Smalltown Boy” had a profound effect on you. I was wondering if you would consider this a topic for a future post. I’ve always loved that song too and I was only a kid when it was on the radio. Something about that heavily sequenced synth intro gets me every time. Thanks.

In Baltimore

JMG- Starting next week, I'll be reviving the old Instant Disco History series of posts, which haven't been seen on JMG in a long time. Smalltown Boy will be included in one of those posts.

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