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Friday Mailbag, May 5th, 2006

Today's mailbag theme: Conversions

Good Morning Joe!

Breaking news flash! As you know, I’m a Republican from a long line of Republicans. It has gotten so bad here in Ohio, that I’m changing my party affiliation to the Democrat Party; I think the Republican Party is too far gone. It gets better: many others in my family are or have already (my Dad was the first) changed parties. God, I thought I’d never be saying this: We are hoping for a big Democrat win this November and in November 2008.

Jeff Jackson, Toledo, Ohio


Hey Joe,

My super-straight contractor just called to tell me he thinks he might be gay. (*fingers crossed*) I know you'll climb your usual soap box, but I will remind you that I don't consider "straight" hot. (As per your twins test). Whatever XXXXX turns out to be, he is an example of really-straight-regular-guy carriage and mannerisms, very working class. He is "physical labor" muscular rather than "gym" muscular. . His warmth and total lack of contrivance make him hot. And if he does cross over to the dark side, I am of course only concerned that he be broken in gently. ;-)

Name Withheld


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