Main | Monday, May 15, 2006

From The Department Of Empty Threats

According to today's NY Times, conservative Xtians are getting serious about their threat to withhold their support in this year's elections, if the Republican Party doesn't ramp up their attacks on gay marriage, immigration reform, and abortion. Their thinking is that maybe if the Republicans suffer a sound thrumping, they'll come crawling back on their hands and knees, ready to obediently stick their noses right back up James Dobson's homo-obsessed ass.

So get ready for yet another onslaught of diversionary, non-critical legislation and related bufferoonery and jackassery. It's all so predictable, isn't it? Not that we aren't at war and occupying two hostile nations and steering towards a third. Not that the entire social safety net isn't about to unravel. Not that the federal budget deficit hasn't veered into a heretofore unseen abyss, one from which it may take decades to recover.

The funny thing is, and I mean this in the sickest sense, I kind of hope the Republicans do toe the Xtian line. That way the curtain is drawn back even further for wavering GOP loyalists to see who is really pulling the strings on our government.

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