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HomoQuotable - Ian McKellen

"We've got to peddle the lie that we're all the same so we all buy the same products. That's why they don't like openly gay people on TV. We upset the view that we're all the same. What is Magneto going to say about that? Well, what everybody should say: 'Not on your life!' There are people who think you can cure homosexuality. Scientologists will tell you they can cure you. They can CURE you! Well, Magneto suddenly became an easy part to play." - Ian McKellan, talking about the plot for X-Men 3, in which a cure for mutantcy is found. (via

When I posted my little dig at gay men and their love for comic books, so many of you rushed in to tell me how the X-Men mutants were a huge metaphor for homosexuals and their place in society. Having seen the trailer for X-Men 3, I finally understand. Now I have to wonder, how many of us would take "the cure", were one to be available. I know I wouldn't, but I think we'd all be surprised at how many who would, joyously.

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