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HomoQuotable - Mary Cheney

"Go fuck yourself." - Mary Cheney to 2004 vice-presidential candidate John Edwards, mouthing the comment from the studio audience after he mentioned her sexual orientation during a debate. In an interview, Cheney also calls Edwards "a total slime" and John Kerry "a son of a bitch". Poor deluded Mary also thinks that GWB is a "very good man" who just hasn't "caught up on" the gay issues. Of course, the previously elusive and silent lesbian daughter of the Vice President is only now spilling her guts because.... (say it with me!)..... she has a book to sell! - (via AMERICAblog.)

UPDATE: The book reviewers are having a field day on Amazon. "In a day and age when William Hung is offered a recording contract, it shouldn't surprise anyone that one of the most despised lesbians in the country gets a book deal. The only question is who is going to buy it? Her father's friends would rather embrace white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan than associate themselves with homosexuals while the gay community knows that Miss Cheney sold her soul to the devil to keep her father in power. I will wage a bet that this book challenges the Guiness record for the most rapid descent into the book store bargain bins."

UPDATE II: Just the first few of the numerous keyword tags that Amazon's reviewers have added to Now It's My Turn: hypocrite (8), sellout (6), self-loathing (4), amoral (3), disgraceful (3), greed (3), aunt thomasina (2), children of monsters (2), conservative puppet (2), denial (2), invertebrate (2), narcissistic (2), stockholm syndrome (2), a million little pieces (1), a pound of flesh (1)

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