Main | Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yet Another Bush Post

For all your manscaping needs, Norelco has just come out with its first down-under hair trimmer, the cordless Bodygroom, "the safe and easy way to trim everything from the neck down". Bears should note that it does not appear to come with an attachment for reaching your back. Visit ShaveEverywhere for some really funny flash. (via Mike, I Am)

UPDATE: Kudos to alert JMG reader Kusala, for noticing this related product on the Amazon site. Turns out somebody already makes a shaver with an attachment for reaching your back. Bears: I'm not saying use it, I'm not saying don't. I'm just sayin!

UPDATE II: OK, you really have to watch the entire Bodygroom ad and scroll thru the options. Hilarious! Sound required. Listen to the spokeshunk's 8 voicemails as they get gayer and gayer. Really, kudos to Norelco and their creative agency. Oh, and watch the music video.

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