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GB:NYC3, Or "Sure, I'll Drink That!"

If you are in New York City and you can't find any alcohol, it's because the bloggers drank it all.

Last weekend was GB:NYC3, the gay bloggers' confab, and starting with the kickoff mixer Friday night at Hell's Kitchen's Barrage, right on through to early Monday morning, I drank beer, I drank shots of tequila, I drank some horrendous sugar-rimmed concoction called a Lemon Drop, and I think there may have been a shot or three of Jagermeister. Never mix, never worry? I mixed. I worried.

Starting with my blogdaddy Vasco, who was celebrating his birthday, right down to my own blogchildren Mark and Eddie, it was a wall-to-wall weekend of digital camera flashes and another kind of flashing. Ahem. And of course, there was some dirty blogger-on-blogger action, including one local notable who strolled into beer bust on Sunday wearing the same clothes from the night before. Yeah, right. Like I'm the only one that's gonna blog about that.

I probably shouldn't attempt to list all the bloggers in attendance, but I will give a few nods to those I met for the first time: Mike of Kiss My Mike, Bob of Bob's Yer Uncle, Rick of Rcktman's Launching Pad, Karen of Tuna Girl, Patrick of Traveling Spotlight. (And about ten others who I can't think of right now.)

Locals I gabbed with at various times: David of Someone In A Tree, Glenn of Glennalicious, Richard of Proceed At Your Own Risk, Erik The Cute Robocub, Eric The Hirsute We, Like Sheep, Michael of So I Like Superman, Mike P of Blather & Bosh, Jeff of Tin Manic, Jase of Life By Jase, Matt of 'Til The Cows Come Home, Chris of See My Briefs, Byrne of Crash & Byrne, and MsOusier. On import: Sean of The Sean Show (who was kinda the star of the weekend), Jeff of Cynically Optimistic (who has pics posted), Mark and Brian of Zeitzeuge (who invented GB:NYC and has pics posted), Scott of Palochi (who had an interesting visit).

I suppose the planning is already underway for GB:NYC4. I need an aspirin.

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