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Nom De Drag Roll Call

After I posted last week about Rita Beads, some of you wrote to me to tell me your own favorite drag names. We're due for a giggle here, so let's devote a post to that theme, yes? My own taste in drag names runs from the really infantile, like Suppositori Spelling, to the inexplicably funny, like Peaches Christ. See? It's funny every time you say it. Peaches Christ! I'm not crazy about the old punny standbys like Virginia Hamm, Bertha Vanation, Anita Mann, etc, although for many that is their favorite form. I do have a soft spot for the hilariously grandiose names preferred by some of the black drag queens, names such as Monique de Bon Marche' or Veronique von Velioux. (I just made those up, but you know the kind I mean, right?) By the way... Peaches CHRIST! Yup, still funny.

1. Rita Beads
2. Peaches Christ
3. Suppositori Spelling

Now you.

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