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"Christians" Outraged, Yawning Ensues

I love this. The Christianist nutjobs over at World Net Daily have got their choir robes in a twist over NBC's having had Queer Eye cast member Carson Kressley provide color commentary during last night's Miss Universe pageant.

With the top-of-page banner headline: "Breaking News: NBC struts 'gay' jokes all over Miss Universe", the lead reads: "With some of the world's most beautiful women on display at tonight's Miss Universe Pageant in Los Angeles, viewers of the NBC broadcast were exposed to a celebration of homosexuality with continuous "gay" jokes and innuendo."

World Net Daily always puts the word "gay" in scare quotes, like we don't actually exist. I think I'm going to start writing "god" from now on. Fair is fair. Anyway, I have a fun project for today. As they often do, World Net Daily is polling their readers about this latest "gay" outrage. I suggest everybody take their poll and show some "gay" love for Carson Kressley. I chose the least popular response: "It was hilarious, great entertainment value", as did 0.85% of the other World Net Daily readers, likely gay trollers like myself. You must register your email to take the poll, I used for mine.

Related: The new Miss Universe, Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, has the best name since 1988's winner, Miss Thailand, Porntip Nakhirunkanok.

UPDATE: Good As You picks up the story.

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