Main | Sunday, October 08, 2006

Morning View - Flatiron Building

Most people like to take pictures of the Flatiron Building, one of NYC's first sky scrappers, from the front, to emphasize its uniquely thin profile, but I think the side view is pretty grand too, don't you? The Flatiron was built in 1902 and one legend is that it generated the jazz-era slang expression "23 skidoo!". The story goes that the unique wind patterns created by the building would blow up the skirts of women walking by, and that cops would disperse the crowds of men waiting on the corner of 23rd Street in the hopes of witnessing such an event, with the admonition, "23 skidoo!" Flatiron is a nickname derived from the building's iron-shaped footprint. Its real name is The Fuller Building, after American painter, George Fuller.

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