Main | Friday, October 27, 2006

Morning View - TWA Terminal

On Wednesday, I got to JFK early enough to walk over to Terminal 5 and grab this shot. Built in 1962 for TWA Airlines, Eero Saarinen designed the building to "evoke the idea of flight" and not to actually look like a bird, but like most people, I see a raptor, claws extended. It's glorious, even ghostly and deserted. The building was completed a year after Saarinen's death and has been closed since TWA folded in 2001. I tried to get a picture of the very cool interior, but a septuagenarian rent-a-cop came running over and chased me away, screaming "No pictures!". I guess they're worried about somebody breaking in and starting an airline. I've heard that JetBlue has plans on expanding over from Terminal 6, beginning in 2008.

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