Main | Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Big Voice: God Or Merman?

Above: Steve Schalchlin, me, and Jim Brochu, after last night's rehearsal performance of The Big Voice: God Or Merman, written by and starring Steve and Jim.

The show was fantastic, by turns hilarious and moving, recounting the childhoods of Steve and Jim, the strange meeting that brought them together 21 years ago, and the funny and painful times since then. The Farmboyz, Eddie, Captain Steve and Brian and I had a wonderful time and it was particularly nice meeting some new guys in the audience who read this here website thingy. Those in attendance last night would agree with my recommendation to add this show to your holiday season must-see list. Visit and enter in code BVBBX72 to receive a special discounted ticket rate of $29.50!

UPDATE: The Farmboyz turn in a great review. Read it. Father Tony, as usual, delivers a pitch-perfect take on the evening. And JMG reader Andrew reports having made out with another audience member after the show, which I'd say is a good review too! Also, here's composer Steve's own take on the evening.

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