Main | Monday, November 06, 2006

Comment Moderation

I've had to put comment moderation on, for the moment, as I'm getting slammed with a couple of hundred spam comments a day for the last few days. Their number has been steadily increasing for the last few weeks. I can't figure out their purpose, as all of the multiple links in each spam comment appear to be nonworking. Additionally, they seem to all hit posts that are at least several days old. I HATE COMMENT MODERATION. It stifles the lively conversations that are the hallmark of JMG. If I can't figure out a way to stop them, we may just have to live with the spam and I'll delete them as I can. My apologies.

UPDATE: New comments filter switched on. Please advise if your comments are not getting through.

UPDATE II: Not a single spam comment got through all day. Go Haloscan Beta!

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