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Gay Money Sinks NY Republican

Several readers have tipped me off to an interesting story in today's Daily News regarding the congressional race in New York's Westchester County. Newly elected John Hall (D-NY, left), formerly the frontman for 70's pop rock band Orleans, squeaked by his opponent after Adam Rose, a wealthy gay private citizen, enraged by Republican incumbent Sue Kelly's opposition to gay marriage, donated $500,000 to Hall's campaign.

The relatively unknown Hall beat Kelly with a tiny 2% margin, undoubtably aided by harsh last minute tv and radio attack ads funded by Rose. Adam Rose had previously hosted Sue Kelly at his 47 acre ranch, where she pledged to balance her opposition to gay marriage by supporting the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell", saying that Kiryas Joel, her local strict Orthodox Jewish constituents, prevented her from supporting same-sex unions. That wasn't good enough for Rose, who immediately cut that huge check. Ironically, Kiryas Joel also decided to support John Hall, who supports gay marriage.

Trivia: Hall made news in 2004 when he loudly protested the Bush campaign's appropriation of Orleans' biggest hit, Still The One, as Dubya's entrance music at election rallies. That's Hall in the middle of an album cover that oddly thrilled your narrator during his teen years.

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