Main | Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Gays Always Know

Cafe Metro, Madison & 42nd, 8:45am

(In line in front of me at the omelet station.)

Girl 1: I never know what to wear out anymore. Everything changes so fast. I'm so behind on what's cool.
Girl 2: I know, right? I totally almost put on a poncho the other day. It's like you can't even trust what they wear on Last Night's Party!
Girl 1: I just need to get me a good gay boyfriend. The gays always know.
Girl 2: Well, you've got Andrew.
Girl 1: Andrew's not gay.
Girl 2: .....
Girl 1: You're joking. Andrew?
Girl 2: .....
Girl 1: I must be living on another planet. I had no clue!
Girl 2: On the plus side, now you know he really DOES like your hair like this.
Girl 1: What? And you don't?
Girl 2: .......

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