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Speaking In Tina Tongues

Ted Haggard, the virulently anti-gay head of the National Association of Evangelicals was outed today by a Denver television station after it aired an interview with a male prostitute who claims that Haggard has been patronizing him for three years and had used crystal meth during their sessions. Watch the interview here. (via - AmericaBlog.) Haggard, married with five kids, is one of the nastiest anti-gay xtians out there. He is also apparently the poster boy for gayface.

Foley, Craig, Crist, Mehlman and now Haggard. Xmas has truly come early this year! Who's next? Somebody has got to have something on Karl Rove out there.

UPDATE: Focus On The Family's James Dobson (based in Colorado Springs like Haggard) has come out swinging in a press release, lambasting the MSM for covering the Haggard expose': "It is unconscionable that the legitimate news media would report a rumor like this based on nothing but one man's accusation. Ted Haggard is a friend of mine and it appears someone is trying to damage his reputation as a way of influencing the outcome of Tuesday's election -- especially the vote on Colorado's marriage-protection amendment -- which Ted strongly supports. "

You can tell FOTF where to stuff it at Or just call their press agent Gary Shneeburger directly: 719-548-5853.

UPDATE II: In under one day, over 2500 blogs have picked up the Haggard story. Go us!

UPDATE III: The hooker claims to have a letter, emails, and voicemails from Ted Haggard and plans to play the voicemails on Denver radio tomorrow afternoon. As always, you can come back here to JMG and I'll have posted an MP3 of the voicemails for your chortling pleasure.


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