Main | Friday, November 03, 2006

Speed Dialing

Tom Brokaw interviewed Ted Haggard in 2005:

Ted Haggard: I’m not a power broker. I don’t call presidents. I don’t harangue the White House.

Tom Brokaw: You don’t have to call him. He calls you.

Haggard: I’ll be talking to the White House in another three and a half hours.

Brokaw: About what today?

Haggard: I don’t know the subject today. We have a regularly scheduled conference call.

Brokaw: They reach out to you?

Haggard: Yes.

Brokaw: What have you discussed on previous calls?

Haggard: The fight for the souls of American youth, protecting the pre-born, and that sweet sweet rush from sucking back a big hit of meth while your man-hooker's tongue is in your ass.

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