Main | Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Verdict: Extra Guilty

How kind some of you are, sending me alarmed emails, concerned that the day had nearly expired without a post. Y'all are sweet and we are totally BFF.

My morning was spent downtown, due to a "Failure To Respond" juror subpoena. I went seeking bureaucratic absolution, half-fearing I was *this close* from being thrown into the Tombs, as I tried to sort out what seemed like a pretty official "we are SO not kidding" threat to arrest me for "willfully evading my lawful civic duty", or whatever the Head Clerk Of Chastising And Disdainful Looks called it, as she charged the collected group of miscreants and ne'er-do-wells assembled with me.

The thing is, I had responded. I responded to the first notice, and then I responded to the second notice. The confusion may have something to do with my moving one building over on my street, although the mailman has no problem forwarding me my issues of Watchtower. (Thanks, by the way, to the person who did that. Oh, my sides.) However, the juror duty issue appears to be settled now, and I expect to be called any day, hopefully for one of those juicy Law & Order-esque icy-bitch-trophy-wife-bludgeons-zillionaire-husband, sort of trials.

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