Main | Thursday, December 07, 2006

HomoQuotable - Michael Musto

"Leaving her out is like advertising a sandwich with "Lettuce! Mayo! Salt!" - Michael Musto, complaining that posters for Dreamgirls feature Beyonce', Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy, but not the film's showstopper, Jennifer Hudson, whose performance is apparently so thrilling that it inspired a MID-screening standing ovation at Tuesday's premiere in NYC.

However, before you show-queens get too aquiver regarding Miss Hudson, know that she is a born-again Christer who feels that homosexuality is a sin, an opinion she glibly glosses over with, "No sin is greater than another", cuz hey, she IS the headliner at a New Year's Eve $ircuit party here in NYC. Kah-ching!

RELATED: An interesting debate re Hudson is going on at Towleroad, where Hudson has released a statement, outing her sister. The statement definitely makes me rethink the above paragraph. (Tip via Chris @ Boy's Briefs).

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