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JMG 2006 Recap - Short Stories

I wrote about 25 short stories for JMG in 2006. Some were quite short, and some of them came in several installments that stretched over weeks. Here are some favorites, judging by reader response, with a TV Guide-ish description.

Ricky Loved Madonna - Birthdays, anniversaries, and AIDS.

My Gaydar Is Not 20/20 - I get outed as a big homo on ABC.

A Note Of Thanks - Madonna & The Tall Queen.

The East Bay Mind Fuck - I learn how to get good head.

Daddy's Boy - My friend takes his adult son to the Eagle.

Little Man & The Mayor - A man, a dog, and a memory.

On The Line - I get hit on, on the subway.

Bike - A new bike and a sad ride.

Diner Life - Real world economics.

Backfired - Karma strikes.

Guilty/Runner And Crier -Hard for me to write.Harder to read.

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