Main | Friday, December 29, 2006

Pictured: 75% Of His Gay Uncles

(Above: Uncle Jeff, Uncle Michael, and Uncle Joe help Evan, age 3, put together his Lincoln Log jailhouse.) Jeff and Michael have been together for 14 years and live just outside Frankfurt, Germany, where they are legally married and enjoy all the rights and privileges therein, save co-filing their federal income tax. Uncle Scott (not pictured), Jeff's brother, is also gay and lives in London.

My sister's kids (ages 5 and 3) don't understand the relationship between Jeff and Michael just yet, of course. Their parents still spell out G-A-Y when it comes up in conversation and Jeff and Michael are never physically demonstrative in front of the kids, but otherwise it is what it is. These kids have no aunts, by the way, just four gay uncles. Four. Gay. Uncles. Consider the gifting ramifications of that, if you will.

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