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Queer Of The Year Readers Poll

Nominations begin today in the Queer Of The Year Readers Poll. Please submit your answer to this question:

"Which queer person most advanced the state of the gay rights movement in 2006?"

Nominations will close on Friday, December 15th. That weekend, a small group of judges will cull the list of nominees and present five finalists for open voting, which will begin Monday, December 18 and end on Sunday, December 31st. The winner will be revealed on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007.

2006 has been a fascinating, maddening, heartening year. Many (some would say, most) of the highest profile queer news events have arisen from scandal. You are welcome to consider whether the persons involved in these scandals may have unwittingly or unwillingly contributed to the advance of gay rights by exposing hypocrisy, cynicism, or discrimination.

The QOTY Poll judges are a handful of dedicated queers whose vocations or avocations involve a passion for gay rights activism. They are male and female, gay and bisexual. They include writers, a civil rights activist, and an academecian. I am not a judge.

Bloggers are welcome to present this poll to their readers. Nominations will be collected here, for the convenience of the judges, but when voting begins I will provide the poll coding to anybody that wants to run the poll on their own sites. Give me a heads-up if you post about QOTY and I will link back to you here.

Now let's have some fun!

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