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2007 Bloggies Open Nominations

Nominations have opened for the 2007 Bloggie Awards. Last year I was floored to be named a finalist in the Best LGBT Blog category, along with Queerty, Good As You, Towleroad, and Little.Yellow.Different, all terrific sites that I read every day. The winner was Queerty, and while I'll admit that it frustrated me that JMG and LYD were in the same category with commercial, advertising-laden sites, whatchu gonna do?

Submit your 2007 nominations until January 10th. I'm not gonna beg y'all to nominate (JMG) anybody (JMG) in specific (JMG), other than to mention that in 2007 you can expect me to continue to bloviate on issues of gay culture, gay activism, gay sex, nightlife, New York City, theatre, and of course delicious disco oldies. You can also expect a short story every week or two. Happy (JMG) New Year.

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