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Blarg Hop Reminder

Our 2007 East Village Blarg Hop is a little more than 48 hours away. If you are planning to join us, we will be kicking things off at Nowhere Bar at 9PM. We will depart each bar just before the hour to allow a couple minutes of walking time before the next bar. The route is fairly north to south, zig-zagging as we go.

Naturally, non-bloggers are implored to join us. In fact, a couple non-bloggers proved to be the life of last year's evening. (James, our "snow angel", comes to mind.) If you cannot make the kick-off, feel free to join us later on the schedule. It looks like we'll have as big a crowd as last year, which despite taking place in a blizzard, was over 40 drunks strong. Y'all should note that we will be finishing at The Cock, which will have a small door charge (usually $5). Hey, maybe somebody with Cock connections can get them to waive the door charge for our group. Heh, heh, "cock connections".

9PM - Nowhere Bar (322 E.14th @ 1st Ave)
10PM - Phoenix (447 E.13th @ 1st Ave)
11PM - Dick's Bar (192 2nd Ave @ E. 12th St)
12AM - Big Lug (85 Ave A @ E. 6th Street)
1AM - Boiler Room (86 E.4th St @ 1st Ave)
2 AM - The Cock (28 2nd Ave @ E. 3rd St)

Bloggers Attending: (Email me to be added to this list.) Perge Modo (Farmboyz), Velleity, Manhattan Offender, CircleInASquare, Someone In A Tree, Curly McDimple, The Mark Of Kane, Cynically Optimistic, Habitat 67, Ninth Circle Of Helen, Spamwise, Proceed At Your Own Risk, GGWoo, Fox In The City, Manhattan Chowder, Future Junkie, Rail Guy, Plastic Music, Gayest Neil, Crash And Byrne. Dance For Me, Puppets, High Maintenance Hags, So I Like Superman, See My Briefs, Glennalicious.

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