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Karma Chameleon

You may recall Rev. Lonnie W. Latham, the Oklahoma Baptist minister who loudly advocated against gay marriage and for gay people to reject our "sinful, destructive lifestyle". That is, right up until his arrest last year for for offering an undercover cop a blowjob. Today, Latham's lawyer asked for the case to be thrown out, citing Lawrence v. Texas, the landmark SCOTUS decision that legalized consensual homosex nationwide.

Oh. The. Irony.

The lawyer, of course, is completely correct. And the ACLU is backing him up. The state of Oklahomo is maintaining that they have a "legitimate governmental interest" in regulating "offers of acts of lewdness." Oh, really? In that case, they better get busy arresting the millions of construction workers out there pumping their hips at female pedestrians. Nobody wants their mother to face those jerks, but that's why the FSM gave Mom a middle finger. Still, ya gotta love the sweet poetic justice of the Ol' Rev invoking the very ruling that gave Americans the right to sweaty gay homosexual mansex. Free Lonnie Latham! Blowjobs for all!

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