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Roxy To Close March 10th

New York City's legendary Roxy closes forever on March 10th, shortly before the building is set to be demolished. Originally a truck warehouse, then a roller-skating rink, Roxy has a been a staple of Manhattan nightlife for over 25 years and has hosted virtually ever pop star important to the gay community: Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler, etc. Roxy began its nighclub life as a host for break-dancing competitions and was the location for the 1984 movie Beat Street.

I haven't been to the Roxy since a DJ showcase (Jerry Bonham / Paul van Dyk) late in 2005, and I haven't been to their gay night in three or four years, but I did like the Roxy. It will be missed. Will another gay megaclub step into the void created by the departures of Roxy, Limelight, etc? The trend seems to be towards smaller rooms, more intimate spaces. There probably isn't a big space left in Manhattan anyway. Here's a great history of the Roxy, from NY Blade writer Matt Kalkhoff.

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