Main | Thursday, March 08, 2007


Tonight Little David and I attended Pirates Of Penzance at the New York City Opera. My first Gilbert & Sullivan. We sat in the Lincoln Center equivalent of Shea Stadium's upper deck, but luckily I brought my binoculars, which I used to pick out how many of the pirates I recognized from the Eagle. (At least two.) Anyway, the tickets were only $12, just a little more than a Manhattan movie. After the last time I went to Lincoln Center, I made the mistake of telling some queen that I'd just come from the opera and was icily informed that "Sweeney Todd is not opera, darling." David advised me that tonight falls under "not-opera" too. Guess I'm still an o-virgin. Hey, why are pirates so hot? Because they just arrrrrrr. You're welcome.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the only song I recognized was Modern Major-General, cuz, you know, Sideshow Bob.


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